BIRTH- Giving birth is so much more than a physical phenomenon; it engages parents in a
transformational experience, a key life event full of emotion, meaning and spiritual
growth. The greatest need of a woman during labor and after giving birth is affirmation
and loving support. Our resources and your local EM Chapter mentors help provide this
encouragement and ease the adjustment to the challenges of having a newborn.

BREASTFEEDING- Most Christian teachings and traditions claim to support mothers who
want to breastfeed their babies. Still, many Christian moms don’t know where to turn for
faithful and reliable advice. Christian woman to Christian woman support helps more
moms and babies enjoy the terrific benefits of nursing.

Mothers who faithfully avoid the use of artificial contraception sometimes face even
more challenges, when their use of natural family planning (NFP) is complicated by
postpartum irregularity in their fertility cycles. Elizabeth Ministry provides these
mothers with information, encouragement and support.

With more education and encouragement, the entire Christian community can help
increase breastfeeding rates among Christian mothers. Then, our children, our mothers,
our families, our communities, and even our society will reap the benefits - physical,
mental, emotional, and even spiritual.  Breastfeeding really does make a difference!

BIRTH DOULAS AND POSTPARTUM DOULAS- Elizabeth Ministry International
recognizes the significance of having a Christian doula. A birth doula is a woman
experienced in childbirth who accompanies a laboring mother. She lends a listening ear,
compassion and knowledge during the prenatal months and also accompanies the
mother and her other support persons in labor. She "mothers the mother" - taking care
of her emotional and physical needs throughout childbirth. A doula also provides
support and suggestions for partners which enhance the experiences of birth. A
postpartum doula continues that valuable emotional support and guidance, helping a
family make a smooth transition into new family dynamics.  

Your local EM Chapter has mentors, and possibly even educators and doulas to assist
you with your birth and breastfeeding questions, concerns and needs.
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