Chastity Education & Human Sexuality- Elizabeth Ministry offers resources, workshops
and seminars to help parents, teachers and others learn how to instill an understanding
of human sexuality, chastity education and relationship issues. Our efforts are based on
the Theology of the Body as taught by Pope John Paul II. God’s joyous, creative intent in
endowing humankind with the gift of sexuality is in sharp contrast to the portrayal of
cheap, meaningless sex that bombards our culture.

Chaste Living- From the days of Eden, from the very start, we were designed to be in
relationship with our spouse. God crafted our hearts and our bodies to desire one
another, both emotionally and physically. Through chaste living, we are able to fully
experience the joy that results from God’s plan for our relationship with our spouse or
future spouse. Elizabeth Ministry provides information and resources to encourage
chaste living for all life stages childhood, puberty, dating, engagement, and marriage.

Understanding the dignity of human sexuality and the power of procreation
will enhance relationships, build up the family and create healthy communities!

Recommended Further Reading:
"Freedom Through Chaste Living"

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The Mad Scientist & The Church Lady
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