“Blessing Bouquet”
A beautifully unique way to show respect
for the dignity and worth of all life.

This program helps a church identify, pray for, and support those
who are pregnant, celebrating birth or adoption, grieving
miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, infant or child death,
or wanting to become pregnant or adopt.

How It Works
The easel instructs how to select the appropriate colored rose from the
basket, fill out the attached card, and place the rose in the vase. Church
members make a promise to pray for all the families the rosebuds represent.

Coordinating prayer cards are available to take home for personal
meditation. If the church using this program also has an Elizabeth Ministry
Chapter, ministry volunteers could plan visits to the families as well.

The Basic Rosebud Program Kit, English or Spanish, is available in our
on-line store or by calling International Headquarters.
Basic Kit includes: yellow, pink, red, and white rosebuds representing Waiting to
Conceive or Adopt, Pregnancy, Birth and Adoption, and Infant Loss.

Expansion Rosebuds: Blue and Purple, representing troubled times and grandparent  
concerns are also available and make a beautiful addition to the blessing bouquet.
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