PREGNANCY- Congratulations! The arrival of a new member of your family is a great
time for celebration! We know that preparing for the arrival of your baby is busy and
sometimes overwhelming. Elizabeth Ministry has information and resources to help you.

PRENATAL CONCERNS- The nine months from conception to birth can be among the
greatest and most pleasurable experiences of a woman’s life. It can also be a time of
extreme anxiety and concern. This is particularly true if you have received news that there
is a potential health issue concerning you or your baby.

Your local EM Chapter has mentors, and possibly even educators and doulas to assist
you with your pregnancy, prenatal concerns and birth needs.

PRENATAL TESTING AND DIAGNOSIS- The technology of our age has transformed
pregnancy and parenthood. Prenatal testing has made almost every pregnancy a crisis
pregnancy. The extensive use of prenatal testing has created ethical and personal
dilemmas for parents, the medical professionals, and all of society. We are just beginning
to realize the trauma that technology has brought to the childbearing experience. Much
of this technology challenges society’s values about human life and motherhood.
Elizabeth Ministry International and your local EM Chapter offer support and resources
to pregnant women who wish to deny testing or have received a troubling diagnosis.

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